Earth, Light and Architecture

Earth light and architecture


The exhibition titled "Earth, Light and Architecture" was held at the NED University City Campus, from 27th January 2013 until 31 January 2013, as part of the Fourth ASNA Clay Triennial 2013. The opening of the exhibition was on the evening of Sunday, 27th January 2013. The theme for this triennial was "Light and Lightness".

The exhibition demonstrated ways in which the age-old relationship between Ceramics and Architecture has evolved through time, exploring the creative integration of traditional and contemporary materials and techniques.

Light, both natural and artificial, essential to the three-dimensional experience of both Architecture and Ceramics, was explored in each piece through form, as well as the nature of material and detailing, in the individual style of each design team.

The works on exhibit also played up the inevitable paradox between the inherent materiality of both Ceramics and Architecture on the one hand, and the non-materiality (i.e. lightness) of light on the other.

Four teams of young designers were invited to participate in this exhibition. Each design team consisted of at least one architect and one ceramist/product designer/craftsperson. The intent was that their vibrant energy, creative talent and an ethical pursuit to challenge the boundaries of design would inspire the future designers of our city and our country. And, hence, the choice of NED's wonderful city campus as the venue for the exhibition, so that it would inspire students to explore their own creative talents.

The participants of the exhibition were:
Coalesce Design Studio: Salman Jawed, Rai Yasir, Mustafa Mehdi, Hassan Feroze Lakdawaala, Bilal Kapadia and Zaid Hameed.
Ali Mustafa and Bina Ali.
Muhammad Ali and Usman Mughni.
Raza Shah, Hassan Shah and Yousuf Ismail
The curator of the exhibition was architect Sheba Akhtar.